"I'll Be Burning For You", Praise for "First Love" and Reuniting with Cecil

Tah dah! I present to you....

I'll Be Burning For You!

"i'll be burning for you", Praise from "first Love" and reuniting with cecil

This is the last song off my new album, First Love. It's about the ups and downs that a relationship can face while in a long distance relationship. I'm so proud of how its turned out and hope you'll enjoy it. 

I'm also happy to announce that an R&B/Soul blog, Soul Tracks, featured "First Love" on their website!

I've worked so hard on crafting these melodies and putting together the music with my band that it feels wonderful to be recognized for that. 

It seems like everyday you turn on the news or go on social media, there's a new report of racial discrimination and violence between the police and African-Americans. With the announcement that police officers in the Tamir Rice case would not be indicted, another blow of injustice has been dealt to the black community.

Out of frustration, anger and confusion, I wrote a new song called, Miss America. It's about the state of America and the call to action for something to done, so that we may all reach a state of peace.

The song has not been recorded yet, but Cecil Bridgewater created a beautiful arrangement of the song that Big Beat has been rehearsing. Check out some audio of it below:

America the beautiful

I want peace for you

I want hope for you

Speaking of Big Beat, we'll be back at Hat City Kitchen next Friday, January 8th! Hope to see you there.