New Website, New Band, Here We Go!

Currently, I've been rehearsing with a band of musicians that I'm really happy to be working with. I'm working on material for my upcoming album, due out the summer of 2015. I'm counting down the days until then because I can't wait to be able to share music with you all that I'm so proud of. But, creating great music takes so much time and effort and even more practice. I want to get it right and make a good first impression. 


On November 7th, I recorded a demo for a song that I think might be on the album! It's called, "The World Is Ours." I wrote it while I was thinking about the traditional aspects of the music industry and how so much of it has changed. In the past, artists and musicians relied heavily on labels to get their music released and promoted. Now, the tables have turned. With new technology, artists can now record their own material at home if they choose, find independent distribution and create a marketing strategy that allows them to build their audience on their own terms. Thinking about all these things made me feel so empowered! 


Working in the studio with the band was so much fun! But, I've also realized that I have to get used to singing in a studio versus in a live setting. Still, it's a challenge I'm glad to take on in the coming months. 

I've posted the demo below, what do you guys think? 

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