Singin' in the Rain Documentary - William Paterson Performance

So much has happened since my first blog post!

With the help of my friend, Fred Ilac, I've created a documentary about myself called, "Singin' in the Rain." Whenever I think about an artist that I really admire, I always want to learn more and documentaries or behind the scenes footage is always the cure for the craving! 

Singin' in the Rain Documentary - William Paterson Performance 

I called the series "Singin in the Rain" because I feel like right now that's where I am in my career. I'm still really new to the music industry, and it can be hard to be heard when there's so much going on and there are so many voices. Although the business is competitive, it's also a 'glorious' feeling to be fresh on the scene of the music industry with new ideas and music.

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Check out "Singin' in the Rain" below:

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Then, on December 2nd I performed at William Paterson with the Ally Mac Project and Big Beat.


It was my first concert performing my own original music and it was such an incredible feeling. Doing this concert has made me become more motivated to continue working on music for the upcoming album.  


What do you guys think of the documentary?

Allison McKenzie