Radio Theme Song Contest, Studio Adventures and Collaborating with The Gas House Gorillas

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For the month of January, I found myself appearing on two radio shows on Brave New Radio, recording with Cecil Bridgewater and collaborating with The Gas House Gorillas for an incredible show at Roxy and Dukes! 

Radio Theme Song Contest, Studio Adventures and Collaborating with The Gas House Gorillas

Last month I was so happy to discover that my original song, "The World Is Ours" was selected as the official theme song for the Music Biz 101 & More show! As the contest winner, I got to be interviewed on 2 radio shows in one day (pretty awesome huh?!) and even better, "The World Is Ours" was on rotation on WPSC 88.7 for the month of January. Every songwriter dreams of having their song played on the radio, and it finally happened for me. It was an incredible feeling to experience that and be on The Philip Gorokhovsky Show and talk about my musical inspirations and what's next for me.


You can hear "The World Is Ours" at the start/end of the Music Biz 101 & More Show on Wednesdays at 8 PM by tuning into 88.7 FM or streaming the show HERE. The show is a great tool for upcoming musicians to become knowledgeable about the ever changing music industry. 

Lauren Marsh, Dr. Stephen Marcone, ME, Philip Gorokhovsky and Prof. Dave Philp and YOU!!


While on the Music Biz 101 & More show, I got to catch up with a friend of mine named Lauren Marsh! She's an ambitious and talented upcoming singer-songwriter that just released her new album, The Incurable Heart at the end of last summer. Listen below:

Great right? My favorites are "Ledge", "Honey Blue", "LoveGrow" and "For a Moment." There's just something about Lauren's music that tells me she's going to far in the music industry. She's such a go getter! 

You can download The Incurable Heart HERE!

Speaking of friend's releasing albums, my friend Enki Bello just released an album too called, Rocking on the Harp. It's a mix of originals with covers. Not only does Enki sing, she plays the electric harp! I hope one day we can work together (I wonder what the music would sound like? (jazz-electric harp-r&b spanish vocals-???)  Listen to Rocking on the Harp below:

You can purchase Rocking on the Harp HERE!

In the past month, Big Beat started recording an EP at the William Paterson University studios! We recorded five songs, and two of them were my original songs, "Lovers Call" and "I'll Be Burning for You".  In addition, the legendary jazz musician Cecil Bridgewater was in the studio to produce the EP! Needless to say, I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time the day of the recording. But as soon as I got into the vocal booth, I was instantly at ease and working with Cecil was so much fun! He really tried to get everyone to loosen up by making jokes and being silly. Still, he was professional and delivered constructive criticism in a way that made you smile instead of wince (not like that teacher from Whiplash!) Perhaps he'll produce for us again? (our fingers are crossed!) The EP is untitled right now, but is due out sometime in March. At this point, it's mixing and mastering time!

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Me and Cecil. Follow Cecil on Twitter @seabridge2

Me and Cecil. Follow Cecil on Twitter @seabridge2



Then, Big Beat was offered the opportunity to collaborate with The Gas House Gorillas, a hot Punk Americana band that is tearing up the New Jersey scene with their thrilling live shows. This band will get you on your feet! Big Beat and The Gashouse Gorillas came together at Roxy and Dukes on January 30th to celebrate Crusher Carmeans's birthday, who is the bassist of The Gas House Gorillas. 

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If you missed the show, don't worry! The audience loved the combination so much that we plan on doing a show together again in the near future. 


The only thing that I was bummed about this month is that I wasn't able to get back into the studio with the Ally Mac Project to start recording for the new album because of the weather.  But I have a good feeling that will change for February!

Allison McKenzie