Recording for the "New Album" has BEGUN!


You read it! I'm so excited to announce that me and my band have begun recording songs for my new album.  

Recording for the "New Album" has BEGUN!

On February 9th, we met at the William Paterson University recording studios in Wayne, NJ at the Shea Performing Arts Center. Shea is a special place for me because in just 2 months time, I'll be graduating from the BA Popular Music Studies program! I've enjoyed my time so much at William Paterson and I'll truly miss being a student in the music department. However, I'm really ready to be completely focused on my career as a solo artist. 

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For this album I've decided to work with Samir Egusquiza, another student of William Paterson that is an audio engineer. Samir is incredibly passionate about creating music that is organic and fresh. With him on my team, I just know that this album will be something that I can be proud of. Here's what we've recorded thus far. What do you guys think? We've got two more songs to go.

Album Rough Mixes

Want to hear more songs I'll be recording for this album? Click HERE!

Whenever I listen back to these takes, I'm always so excited by their potential. For "First Love" I definitely want to add a solo piano intro, some synth strings as well as some backup vocals. On the other hand, I think "Mr. Wonderful"  and "I'll Be Burning For You" are in need of horns and backing vocals (maybe something else percussive?). I feel like all "Your Joy" and "Let's Get Together" need are some back up vocals. I'm still unsure about whether or not after all the mixing has been done, if I'd like to master the album. I've been checking out Masterdisk Indie as a potential option. 

As for the title of the album, I still haven't thought of anything that I think represents what this record is all about. So far, This Way, keeps popping into my head but I'm still not sure that that's IT.

There are so many things I still need to do to make sure that this album release goes smoothly. Album artwork, distribution and touring are just a few things on the list that need to be planned. 

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. 

Allison McKenzie