November Rejections and 2018

Hey Mac Family!

I know I've been quiet on social media and that's because I am currently trying to prepare/brainstorm for the upcoming year. Can you believe it's already here? Read on for more information.

November Rejections and 2018

In my last blog post I mentioned that I was auditioning for the American Traditions Vocal Competition. Well, on November 5th I discovered that I was not selected to move onto the semi - finalists round. In addition, a show that I had been working on for a month to open up for another artist fell through.

Having someone say no to me is something that I've gotten used to. I've auditioned for sooooo many things: the Apollo, X Factor and even local NJ contests (Big Jim's Jersey Shore thing?). But I can't deny that the first time I hear/see the news that I was 'picked' is always the worst. I inevitably head to the critical zone where I critique everything about my audition and myself.

Somehow I always end up on the positive side of things and get back out there but it's no good to pretend that I'm not disappointed. 

So.... Mark your calendars! on Monday January 22nd, 2018 I've got a show at Rockwood Music Hall. Let's be rejects/underdogs together!

Photo Credit: Khadijah Kenkwofie

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